What does tomorrow hold? It’s a frightening question we must ask ourselves.  Today’s news is filled with a number of scenarios, which depict the possible fall of this great nation, as we know it.    Whether it’s the high rates were printing money, the threat of terrorism, foreign and domestic, disease, a EMP or HEMP (high altitude electromagnetic pulse), or the increase in natural disasters, we must be prepared to survive the inevitable.

The idea is unsettling to say the least but there are measures a person can take to prepare themselves, prepare their home and insure a piece of mind when that time comes.  It’s not a matter of IF; it’s a matter of WHEN.  

What would happen if a band of 6 marauders with scoped rifles tried to overtake you at your home or bug out location?  Could you defend yourself and your family?  Could you protect your supplies?  Most have to answer no to this question.  However, this is a fair question in a time of civil unrest.

If you think you’re going into a bunker and close the door that could be a fatal decision.  One marauder with a truck and garden hose, a can of pyrodex, or a can of gasoline can turn your bunker into a tomb.    That’s where Prepared Security can help.  Our goal is to help like-minded people who understand the dangers of the future and help them prepare and protect their family and property at a reasonable cost never thought possible.

Our founder has spent two decades researching, inventing and building new means to safeguard our families, our property and our livelihood.  Working alongside many upper level prepper’s, together they have organized a well-designed plan of defenses and securities to fit most any situation.   He has found it necessary to share this information in a broader way in the form of a portable classroom due to the lack of real problem solving information available today either in books, on the Internet or in videos.  It is shocking how much information is out there from people who obviously have no experience or expertise in this area.  

Many people have approached us over the years, looking for guidance on how to get started on protecting their family, protecting their property and prepping food in the event of the downfall of society, many of them wishing to remain underground prepper’s, not wanting to ask their friends or neighbor’s the questions they desperately need answers to which is a very wise thing not to do.  Many turn to the Internet for answers in an effort to protect their identity.  Some are hesitant to search the Internet, feeling they will be tracked and put on a government list for researching survival and security topics.

Many come to us with the idea of stocking guns and ammunition and plan to hunt for the food their family needs, not realizing how many other people will also be desperate to fend for their family or group.  Battles will happen and lives will be lost.  After 30 days no wildlife will be left.  

Here at Prepared Security we will show you how to defend your home, how to convert your home into the only fortress you will ever need at a fraction of the cost of a bunker and most importantly you will have most of the accommodations you and your family are accustomed to. 

We will show you how to set up a defensive perimeter system that will stop most any band of marauders, day or night, even if your security team member has fallen asleep.

Some of our clients are upper level prepper’s; they have organized groups, outlined priorities and a wide range of preparations.  Others are just now taking the first steps to preparing and realize the urgency to get started today.

Best of all, you learn these skills on site at your location.  We know each situation is unique in itself, whether by location, ability to travel, population, access to resources etc.  That’s why we’ve decided to make our classroom portable.  To give each client the means to have their class specifically focused on their individual needs according to their particular site.  Be prepared to take many notes, make drawings and get your hands dirty, as you’ll be hands on and building necessary gear.

One of our trained representatives will arrive at your home, bunker or bug out area in an unmarked vehicle and give a comprehensive assessment of your property and present a specialized program that best fits your needs.  It will cover a broad, all-inclusive, list of necessary actions in order to create a safe haven for your family or group.  

All programs are presented in a down-to-earth level of understanding.  There will be no high-tech, over your head terms used.

Prepping is like purchasing an insurance policy.  However, the great part it’s a one time payment for a lifetime of piece of mind.  We’ll be showing you several different ways to save money in getting prepared.

A list of topics to be covered in each on-site class:  

·     Teach 5 different perimeter systems than can be used in combination or individually, whatever your threat level demands.  We show you how to stop marauders in most cases without ever having to fire a shot.  

·     What type of weapons you need to defend against worsening marauder situations.  Most people have no idea how inexpensive the types of weapons they need are.  We show you how to set these weapons up so even the most inexperienced person is a valuable defense team member in a short amount of time.  All research and testing has already been done to insure accuracy along with the tricks to prevent them from failing.

·     Learn the basic types of weapons needed, all of which are completely legal.  Your weapons will be set up in accordance to your specific needs.

·     How to stop any type of bullets from any caliber gun, even armor piercing, with an affordable, proven, bullet stopping system.  

·     How to minimize and in most cases eliminate the sniper completely.  As any military soldier will tell you, the sniper is the most deadly person on the battlefield.
·     How to defend yourself at night

·     How to get protein when no one else can, how to keep your protein fresh without electricity or refrigeration

·     How to bulk buy basic foods items on a budget and how to preserve it long term

·     How to access, store and treat any water source you may have available

·     A detailed list of items to prep that many people wouldn’t think about

·     A list of sources to purchase all necessary resources.  We do not accept monetary compensation from any of these businesses.  We solely recommend them based on their reliability of good products and services.

Prepared Security’s main focus is security.  Offering an affordable, personalized, hands-on approach to preparing for the unexpected, to live through it and thrive beyond it.  Giving clients the power and knowledge necessary to protect what they have, care for their loved ones in a private, confidential, setting. 

We are not always able to solve everyone’s security issues.  In the past we’ve had clients in situations we are unable to help, in example, ones living in an apartment complex.  These clients had to make a choice.  Move from their location or come to terms with the fact they will likely loose their life early on in a social collapse.  However, in most all cases, we leave each client 
with a new sense of empowerment, knowing they now have the tools they need to better withstand whatever the breakdown of society may bring to them.  

If your one of those people lost in all the books, tired of all the how-to videos and exhausted from all the Internet surfing and blogging, give Prepared Security a call today and let us help you find your personalized piece of mind.

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